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Fat loss doesn't have to be complicated!

I just wanted to share a good analogy with you, to highlight how straight forward fat loss can be. 

When you've constantly got no money two weeks into the month and it starts getting you down, what do you do? Well it's a wise thing to start logging your finances on a spreadsheet to monitor ins and outs, plus also reign in the nights out and shopping trips to stop the money pouring out! It may also be a good idea to see if you can do some overtime, as then you're not only saving money, you're topping the funds back up.

Sounds simple and obvious, right?!

Well, the same goes for fat loss.

The logging your finances on a spreadsheet translates to logging your calories on an app.

The reducing of shopping trips translates to the reducing of calories (not to the point of starving, but a definite reduction!)

And the working overtime translates to moving more, to burn extra calories - training sessions, walking etc.

So if you really are following it in this way, you should be able to achieve fat loss as you should be in a calorie deficit - basically consuming less calories than your body burns. 

If you're not achieving fat loss, you're probably not in a calorie deficit. Which will mean eating a bit less and/or moving a bit more. And you just keep adjusting until you achieve fat loss!

If you know for a fact that you have been in a calorie deficit for some time and nothing is changing, then it could be for medical reasons and could be worth checking with your GP.

If you have any questions on this subject, please get in touch!

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