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Are you looking for any of the following?

✅ Personal Trainer in Bristol

✅ Bootcamp in Bristol
✅ Semi Private Personal Training in Bristol
✅ Small Group Personal Training in Bristol
✅ Corporate Training sessions in Bristol


✅ Help with motivation/accountability/nutrition

✅ To help improve your mental health through exercise

✅ To train in a non intimidating environment, with a great community spirit 

✅ Options to train indoors and outdoors under one membership

If you answered yes to any of the above, get in touch and we can get your your health & fitness journey on the move!

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Our mission is to work hard to give you knowledge, transformational results, and an amazing experience to improve your health and well-being, whilst having a lot of fun in the process!

You'll be working hard when you train with us, but you'll be doing it with a smile on your face. This makes everything so much easier!

We offer the following services:


  1. Amazing Small Group Personal Training / Bootcamp sessions in Bristol

  2. Unrivalled online personal training 


You may have done 'Bootcamps' before, you also may have done 'Classes' before, our offering is a hybrid of both. 


We do more than just put you through your paces! Here are some of the benefits of joining Move More:

  • Trained by fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers - we'll challenge you, but we're not scary and we've got your back ;)

  • No overcrowded sessions, so we can check your form and offer assistance on technique to ensure you stay injury free

  • Varied sessions to keep you Moving More, but also smiling more :) 

  • Indoor and Outdoor training in a non intimidating environment

  • Nutrition guide and ongoing support to keep you on track - ask us anything - ANYTIME

  • Great membership options to make sure you get the results you want - GUARANTEED 


Perhaps you're really busy and/or don't like to train in groups. If you're more likely to stick to a health & fitness program by working out at home, in the garden, or on the move in a hotel - but need guidance, workouts, nutrition help and accountability - then online training could be a great option for you!

Here are the benefits of our online training program:

  • Tailored training program - get amazing results without needing much space or equipment

  • Nutrition pack - all the guidance and info you need to ensure you hit your goal and without the need to remove everything you love from your diet! 

  • Lifestyle tips - it's not all about the workouts and nutrition, we'll give you help to become more energised and less stressed. Whether you're going through the menopause, feeling lethargic, or recovering from an injury, we've got your back and training to help you

  • Accountability - this is a big one! We could send you all the workouts in the world, but if you don't have the accountability then things can naturally slip. We'll be on hand to ensure that doesn't happen with check in calls and messages, but all friendly and encouraging, we won't be barking at you down the phone! 

  • App access - you'll have access to an app to view your workouts and nutrition, plus update things such as your body composition results and progress photos. This can all be viewed on a computer too, so no worries if apps aren't your thing!

  • 24/7 support & the personal touch - Get in touch with us any time! You'll want to check in with us too and ask questions along the way, this is always welcomed. With Move More you'll always been a name not a number, some training programs aren't quite as personal as they say with so many members. You really will get all the support you need, whenever you need it

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