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What our clients have to say

We started our Small Group Personal Training / Bootcamp in Bristol in 2019, we've worked with hundreds of clients since, but here is what some of them have to say about their experience with us!

You can also check our Google Reviews here! 

Nina (Group Training)

Chris has been amazing, when I joined Move More I was really unfit, Chris took the time to explain each exercise, he's helped me move up weights and introduced new exercises to keep things varied. The sessions are great, there are a wide range of ages attending and you feel amazing after. I couldn't recommend Move More enough.

Diane (Small Group Personal Training)

I joined Move More Fitness in April and have never looked back, after being a member of a gym for more than 9 years I have achieved more in the last few months than I did in the gym, Chris is so supportive and gives us loads of encouragement. The sessions are a mixture of weights cardio etc.
No two sessions are the same I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I love the sessions, being outside rather than being in a sweaty gym is so much better, the group are so friendly and we support and encourage each other, I have made some lovely friends, I would recommend this workout, come along and see for yourself. Thanks to Chris I have improved my fitness and lost weight and cms.
May it continue. 😀

Jackie (Small Group Personal Training)

I never expected to enjoy training. I am part of a group of mixed ages who are nothing but encouraging. Chris keeps things challenging but achievable and I am feeling so much fitter. I'm really glad I took that first step in joining Move More Fitness

Sarah (Small Group Personal Training)

Move More Fitness has been more than just about getting fit for me, it's become a social club too. I joined in April '19 for a 5-week challenge and it didn't end there, I can't recommend MMF or Chris enough! I've made some great friends along the way too.

I miss the sessions (and the people!) if I can't make it along during the week. I would love to get to all 4 sessions every week if I could, but sometimes have to settle with 2. I really like the flexibility of it all (no 2 sessions are ever the same!) and there is no judgement. You push yourself as much as you can, but it's also a good laugh. So it's great for any level. Chris doesn't take the military approach that some group PT trainers do and that really appeals to me. He is really supportive and will take the time with you to show you correct form and encourages to push that bit further, event when you don't think you have it in you. I am definitely feeling fitter and stronger! He'll also help with nutrition too too to meet your goals. I'd highly recommend MMF to anyone, give it a try!

Lynn (online training)

I can't recommend Move More enough! I was stuck in a rut, I've got 2 children and getting time to go to the gym was near on impossible. Now I've got easy to follow workouts that I can do at home, I now know the right things to eat and the frequent contact with my trainer means I never slip back into my old habits. Amazing, I feel brand new! Thanks Move More xx

Paul (Small Group Personal Training)

Thanks so much guys, great workouts and I feel so much stronger! I've been able to really push myself further than I thought I could. Leaner, stronger, happier :)

Fiona (online training)

I wasn't sure about online training at first, I need someone to motivate me, but that's exactly what Move More do! I've dropped 5% body fat in 2 months and I feel much stronger too - which is a bonus have a young daughter and lots of stuff to carry around! Another bonus is I've done all of this without having to sacrifice a treat or two every week!

Remember, we guarantee results so if you want to make that change get in touch today!


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